In the B.C hair extension days - you couldn’t wear them straight - it was like a dead give away that you had extensions. The color was always OFF, the cut was non existent and shelf-y, and to wear it straight was to magnify how bad your hair looked. You would never commit hair suicide like that - so you were forced to curl it.

I’m over here thanking the NBR gods that I can wear my hair straight and I’m not forced to style it the same way all the time to hide how bad my extensions look! Plus that’s a lot of time in the morning - having to curl it, and not to mention hard on your hair. (wayyyyy to much heat)

Let me tell you a little secret… BEFORE NBR I hated to wear my hair straight. LIKE HATED IT. I’d rather throw it up in a bun than wear it down + straight. I have naturally straight hair, so like most - I want what I can’t have. I dream of using some mousse or soft gel in my hair and do the upward scrunchy motion to bring out the textured waves.

Nope. Tried it. Does NOT work for me.

I always felt like my hair was blah straight, sparse on the ends and gaps around my face - that I had NO volume at the root and it just sorta looked, well - drowned. So I didn’t wear it straight and it lived in a bun all the time.

Had you told me then, that I’d wear my hair down and straight ALL.THE.TIME and would rarely curl it or throw it in a bun- I’d be like HA! You don’t even know me.

NOW I wear my hair straight like 5/7 days a week For reals, not exaggerating. I do like to switch it up from time to time and wear my easy go to styles like braids and ponytails! (Which having access to EVERY styling option with hair extensions is a topic for a different day!)

I went from hating my hair straight and never doing it - to getting NBR and then BOOM - the hair I hated, is now the hair I LOVE and rock on the daily. It’s the closest thing to magic I’ve ever witnessed.

My sparse end pieces are now full 22”s! Those gaps and around my face are now full and face framing! I have volume and fullness with the extra hair - and it looks beautiful down and straight.

I want to share this with you so you know, I’ve been there too - and I know the feeling.

But - I’ve also been here on this side, and WHOA is it THE BEST! I feel like I HAVE to let you in on this as a womanly duty to you. Like when you know there is a huge sale and you tell all your friends OMG I got this new shirt at Nordys and you have to go check the sale out, HURRY!

NBR is basically that~! So girl - fill THIS out and get yourself some amazing hair!