I’ve heard that extensions take too much time. I’ve also even thought it before I knew all the facts.

I thought, with all that extra hair - it’s got to take FOREVER to do - This statement is false.

In my regular day to day “get ready” routine. My NBR actually SAVES me time in the morning. I mean, I’m sure you know this by now, because we’ve literally gotten ready together over on Instagram Live and it takes me start to finish Hair + Makeup = 15ish minutes.

Here’s how it works.

I have a “Wash Day” - which, with hair extensions - does require a little more effort than my pre extension wash days. However, I only do it once. Not every other freaking day like I used to. [This is also dependent on your hair type, my hair is dry and continues to get drier - if you have oilier hair you may need to wash 2x’s a week with an added “mini-wash” in between!)

Before NBR, I spent like 15 minutes every other day washing my hair (stripping it of all its natural oils - and I wondered why my hair was so dry — whoopsies!) and then spent 5 minutes putting in all these hydrating products, another 15 minutes blow drying it for volume, then another 20 minutes styling. I did this 4 times a week!

Then on the 3 days I didn’t wash my hair - I still had to style it for 15 minutes every day because my natural hair doesn't hold curl on it’s own to save its life. That’s 265 minutes, that’s almost 4.5 hours a week on my hair. WHAAAT IS THAT NONSENSE!!!

Now with NBR — I wash it once (NOT stripping all the oils out) and I spend about 20 minutes in the shower. Then I spend like 5 minutes spritzing in leave-in product and then knock a couple things off my to do list while my hair air drys 90% of the way. When I come back to smooth it out with a blow dryer I spend about 10 minutes on drying it and another 10 with a flat iron smoothing down any frizz.

My weekly routine is brushing my NBR in the morning and running some oil through the ends, which is the best 5 minute hair routine my morning has ever seen. So now we’re at 120 minutes or exactly 2 hours total for THE WEEK.

NBR has cut down my time spent on my hair routine BY OVER HALF! What in the world?!!

There is nothing high maintenance or time consuming about that. In fact I’ve just given myself an extra 2.5 hours a week. Now I’m starting to see how Beyoncé appears to have more time in a day than the rest of us!!!

It’s like getting lash extensions. You lay there in a serene nap like state for an hour in order to SAVE TIME every morning doing your Mascara + Eyeliner routine (which we both know will result in at least 1 weekly eye poke where you’re sure you’ve gone blind)

Same thing with NBR. You do all the work once (maybe twice) and then it’s smoooth sailing with all your new found time. What would you do with an extra 2.5 hours a week?

For more hours in the day complete the NBR application and share with me your hair history!