Why so much Education?

Why so much Education? How hard can it be? Haven’t you learned everything already? You’re traveling down there again? - I get these questions A LOT and wanted to shed some light on the answers and share them with you!








     It’s true! Rose Golde Beauty is moving into a Private Studio Suite!!!  Having your own space and creating you own vibe is something truly special and I am beyond excited for the opportunity!  I am so so thankful for the past couple years working in an amazing salon learning & growing alongside some very talented artists that I continue to admire!  I have always been a firm believer that timing is everything - and let me tell you, that’s exactly how this opportunity came about!  It was one of those fall into your lap, hit ya in the head with a sign kinda moments! (That I still needed to sit down and make a PROS/CONS list about because #TypeA #ENFJ)  But NOW - Now, I’m ALL IN and since I made that official YES decision my creativity and passion are all of a sudden SUPERCHARGED!           My schedule will be shifting as I move into this space. I will no longer be working the first half of the week - - I’m now an end of the week kinda gal!    .New Schedule.      Every Other Wednesday    Thursday+Friday.    Every Other Saturday    Which will probably end up matching your availability EVEN BETTER than before! So another win-win!    .Appointments+Booking.      As always, pre-booking is how you’re guaranteed the appointment time that works best for you and will always be my #1 recommendation.    Online booking is currently on a pause while I juggle transferring over from my current booking system to a new one.    All new guests are invited to complete the  Hair History Form  before we schedule a phone consultation!             You know what else I’m excited about?  Natural Beaded Rows won’t be the  only  extensions offered!   On Mondays + Tuesdays, and every other (other) Wednesday The Studio will also be the home to a fellow Artist + Friend who specializes in Lash Extensions!    Her menu includes the following New Set + Lash Fill Services:     Classic    Hybrid    Volume    You should  check out her work  and DM her to make your appointment!   I know, I feel the same ~ it really is the best of both worlds and we should think about calling it an Extensions Studio because transforming you with fuller lashes and thicker hair is our main focus!           Creating an elevated client experience has always been my mission and bringing my vision for Rose Golde Beauty to life by creating a space to share with you is SO special to me.  I cannot wait, or hold in my excitement, for your next appointment!!  You already know what I think  Your ONLY job at your Hair Appointment  is, and if you’ve managed forget - you better go check that out because there will be a quiz when you come in. ;)  While you take a refresher and read that post, I’ll be pinning to my Pinterest boards and planning whole day dedicated to hitting up Hobby Lobby, Target, World Market and fingers crossed for IKEA!  Here’s to leaps of faith, following passion, and chasing dreams~  xoxo~


I’m excited to be announcing Rose Golde Beauty is moving into a private studio suite and elevating your guest experience! Come see what the plan is! xo



Did I just say that out loud?


“OMG! I’ve been blogging for a solid year?! Am I a BLOGGER?!?!”

Sounded funny when I said it out loud, in actual words, too!

When I first started my brand & business I was working with a Graphic Designer on the Rose Golde website. He was showing me that I could Blog and share Videos from the platform I was using. I vividly remember telling him, “Oh, I won’t need that - I’m not a Blogger. I have a Beauty Business.”

My attitude was more like, I just need a business website buddy - with pictures and a bio - that just sits on the internet in case someone needs to click on it. 

Then - like 2 years ago, I found myself wanting to share more with my clients. More than what we could cover in a Salon Appointment. I mean after all - you (and your hair) spend more time outside of the salon then you do in it. So why are we just left to talking hair + beauty during your appointment? 

Then I thought - I could send out informational emails & video tutorials between appointments to share more! Businesses do that all the time! ~Flashes to anytime I get an email and I think it’s spammy, so I delete it. ~ Okay so maybe not emails. 

ME: “I wish there was a way to write down educational info and share video tutorials that people could come online and read if & when they want to.” 



I decided I should reach out to a blogger, like one who does it as their primary job -  to have coffee & ‘talk shop’, you know - do a little recon. 

 We sat down and quickly started talking about the PROS / CONS of blogging - and what it really is…work.

Now she was encouraging, because that is her whole M.O. and she did tell me if I wanted to try it I should just jump in and start.  But the thing I remember most about our talk, is when she told me she HATES it when girls call themselves Bloggers on social media when they aren’t doing the work of REAL BLOGGERS. (Like, AS IF!) 

That’s EXACTLY what my FEAR wanted to hear - Self Preservation baby, you’re not a REAL BLOGGER or YOUTUBER - So, you obviously shouldn’t do it, that way people can’t talk shit about you!! 

I’m a really good self negotiator - so I told my fear, I would start my blog and create video tutorials- but I wouldn’t tell anyone I was doing it, or hashtag it, or call myself a blogger, or say I made videos! 

(Insert LOTS of research on how to use the Blog feature of my website, SEVERAL late nights after work watching video making tutorials, and then even more hours spent writing, recording, editing, and uploading)

2019-03-02 23.01.01.jpg

I spend A LOT of TIME, that truthfully could easily be spent doing something deemed ‘more fun’ - and I quickly realized the WORK she spoke of…but passionate to share more I kept coming back to my computer week after week! 

I blogged & made videos consistently, - and silently…for like, 6+ months. 

Yes, I was creating content for my clients, but no - you didn’t have the slightest clue that you were getting this added value because I was keeping it on the hush-hush.

Clients were asking me the same questions over and over like; When should I book a deep condition and what one should I do? How do you braid your hair like that? What eyeshadow palette do you like? What is NBR? — these were all questions that I had POSTED answers to.

It was then that I decided my FEAR was NOT as powerful as my desire to give added value to my clients! PLUS I was putting too much work into creating these resources to NOT share it with you! 

So I went all in,  I started sharing my blog posts and videos in my stories, started sharing the link on my facebook page and most importantly letting my clients know that I had a whole video tutorial on that exact topic uploaded for them!

When clients would come in for their appointment and start talking about how they started using a flat iron to curl their hair now “just like in the video” I was SO happy you were enjoying and UTILIZING the information! 

Or when you read the blog about moving into Package Services and away from an A la Cart Menu as a way to stop the frustration & headache with Online Booking… and it made that switch SO seamless for both of us. 

Now A YEAR in, you can find weekly new blogs on all things Beauty with a touch of Lifestyle here and there! AND I’m happily posting about it in my stories, sharing it openly on facebook for all to see, uploading video tutorials to YouTube and hashtagging #beautyblogger whenever the mood strikes! 

2019-03-02 23.04.57.jpg

Just over a year ago if you were to ask me if I’d ever create my own videos or write blog posts - It would have been a HARD NO. If you would have flipped it around and asked me if I wanted to continue to offer value to my client’s - I would say HELL YES! But never would I have thought those things would go so hand in hand like they do. 

My goals are to always to keep the health and integrity of your hair my number one priority in the salon, and for you to feel confident in your beauty & routines when you’re at home!

I’m PROUD to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of incorporating Video + Blog into the Rose Golde Experience. 

I’m REALLY proud NOT to say, “I’m a blogger” - BUT to say, “I have an amazing customer experience”! Really that’s where this whole thing started for me. Being my own boss, creating my own schedule, building a business that I have pride in, and offering a guest experience that I personally would enjoy to have.

So, I’m excited for all the future posts and videos to come. Everything gets better with time and experience ~ I love seeing the growth, it really is beautiful! 

Next week I’ll be sharing some REALLY BIG NEWS about the GROWTH going on inside of Rose Golde Beauty, so make sure you come back on Monday to read the new Blog Post, because you won’t want to miss out on what’s happening!