I’m still feeling inspired from Women’s Day last week and I want to keep the momentum going. On Wednesday everywhere I looked there were quotes from amazing women and images of women showing their strength and standing in their power.  It all resonated with me.

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may remember this moment where I was boldly doing a live video standing in the sand on the edge of the Ocean in Huntington Beach - proclaiming to all my followers, (and basically the world) that I was breaking free from all of my comfort zones and focusing on getting uncomfortable with growth. 

Sometimes I look back at the video and think - OMG - who gave me access to live broad casting?!! I was obviously feeling some jolt of confidence (I credit the 22” of NBR mermaid hair) and shouldn’t have access to my phone. 

I also look back and am happy that I said it, I feel like now that it’s out there I have this sense of accountability. Like since I said it out loud- it can be real! 

So for the 2nd time this year - I’m flying to a place I’ve never been to before (luckily to the same airport, just different Uber drivers that drop me off to new places where I obviously look like a tourist) but I’m holding myself accountable and putting myself in a room with fellow hair stylists and boss babes who are all doing the same thing - getting uncomfortable for the sake of growth.  

There is something about getting together with fellow women hell bent on action that makes you want to work hard too.  It’s somehow contagious!

I think it’s an amazing thing when women get together and spark a fire within each other. It somehow burns bigger than we could ever imagine and starts to ignite a fire in others as well!

I have to say ‘Thank You’ to the women I know, and the women I see who are bolding standing in front of obstacles and fear saying, “I can do this”.  Thank you for taking the stand first and putting yourself out there. Thank you for showing me that vulnerability is a strength. Because of your lead - I have this crazy idea that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

My hope is that we all have a moment where we declare to the world (and most importantly ourselves) that we aren’t being held back - - not by the opinions of others, not by our own insecurities, and sure as hell not by fear.

It’s time to be BOLD + BRAVE

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