You know I’m all for chatting everything Beauty, but today let’s set that topic aside and talk about something that’s happening right now.

I’ve noticed that for some reason (trying not to blast Mercury for being in retrograde right now) that everything lately has just been out of balance. …or something.

I hear it in the break room chats of my fellow Stylists at the salon, I hear it when you’re in my chair sharing about life, and I first hand witness it in my own day to day happenings. Why does everything seem to take 10x more effort and why does my effort tank seem to be running on E ??

I first told myself that it’s because it’s winter + cold and I’m not getting the amount time outdoors that I need to function properly.

Then I started looking at how I’ve completely changed up my daily routine + habits and that it’s been WAY harder than I thought.

Not to mention there is ALWAYS something on my to do list that I’m not getting to- and I FEEL it sitting there looking at me with guilt as I add 5 more to do items to the already long list. All of these things - added up - begin to feel heavy.

So here is what I’ve concluded for myself, and hopefully by sharing this with you, you can find value in it too!

Sometimes, Life — it runs the show!

I know that isn’t some magical Pinterest quote to give us the warm and fuzzies and band aid whats going on.

But what it is - - - is the freakin’ truth!

Sometimes in a world where we are over stimulated by curated and filtered content we forget that EVERYONE is feeling the strains of life. So as I was trying to figure out “what’s going on” I simply remembered that LIFE is going on. We feel its ebbs and its flows.

When it feels like life it’s 10x harder then it should be - then find a way to give life 10x more effort. When life feels like it’s smooth sailing, then kick up your feet, feel the breeze and enjoy the moment. Life is in control of the ebbs and flows, but we really are in control of how we respond to it.

So for all my #beautybabes out there feeling Mercury spinning around in retrograde throwing things off…

Here is my life hack - I recommend a winged liner, a bold lip and 2 rows of NBR - It’ll leave you FEELING like you can handle whatever life throws at’cha.

That confidence will help you look life in the face and say - I’ve got this!

Stay strong babes and we’ll chat next week