I know we touched on it a little at the beginning of the month when we talked about Beauty Subscriptions and Product Recommendations but I really do love your DM’s SO much! It gets me REALLY excited to share with you some of my go to faves and some things that have great marketing and so I buy them! #truth

I’m so happy when I can share with you products that work for me. I know everyone looks for different benefits in products and that it changes from person to person. I do my best to share what products I have found work best with each of the different skin types based on my experience doing professional makeup.

Now let’s see what I bought and talk beauty!

Went to Ulta & TJMaxx to buy some of my favs and then also bought some things that were not on the list! Because #Ulta

Hmmm….there are so many things we could chat about next time! What do you wanna know about?!! I have empty products I wanna share with you. What do you think? What should we talk about?!

lemme know and we’ll do it! xo babes~