We’re talking beauty subscriptions today! It’s no secret that it’s SO MUCH FUN to get packages in the mail, and I’m going to be honest right out of the gate - that’s a HUGE part of it.

Getting a package each month is really fun to look forward to, and then…. If you’re like me - you forget you’ve subscribed to it, and then it appears on your kitchen table and you’re like OMG THAT’S RIGHT! (That’s.the.truth.right.there.)

I really do enjoy learning about new products and testing them out. I like doing it personally for my hair and skincare routines. But more importantly, I think as a Hair & Makeup Artist it’s part of my job to know about the beauty brands that are out there. That’s a responsibility that I have to you and I actually REALLY REALLY love it!

I’m often asked about products and recommendations and the conversation often goes like this:

“Hey Hey! I was curious if you knew of a good face primer”

“Hi! Yeah let’s talk face primers - I’m down! First, what’s your skin type?”

“I think I have dry skin”

“'Totally understand that! Have you tried any primers already?”

“I’ve tried Smashbox pore minimizing and a NYX one”

“Awesome, I know pore minimizing is used often in oilier areas of the skin, so with your dry skin it may have been extra drying you out. I would go for a hydrating primer like Too Faced Hangover Rx with coconut water - or if you like the Smashbox Brand they make a Moisturizer/Primer in one. I think it’s called Primerizer. [sooooo clever] Those may be better with your skin type and give you a longer staying power for your foundation! - Keep me posted on what works”

That’s a real life convo I had. The ONLY reason I’m able to have these conversations and offer value is because I get subscriptions and I test the products I get.

So if you are on the hunt for quality products to address some of your hair & skincare needs - and you’d love getting a package of sample beauty products. I’d say it’s a very inexpensive way to see that latest products and get a present in the mail! Otherwise you can hit me up and we can talk product!

Leave me a comment telling me what beauty products are you struggling to learn how to use! Maybe we can conquer it together! xo~ babes