You already know my basic love for education in general, so you know I like to keep an eye on the education scene in the beauty industry. I’m also a podcast nerd and a friend recommended I check out Big Money Stylist and from there I just started binging episodes during my commute to & from work.

Occasionally they’d talk about their NBR Certification EVENTS. Not classes or shows- where you “look and learn” 3 Days - Hands on - (like fly with your dollhead in your carry on and have TSA search it and look at you funny, kinda hands on!) EVENTS.

— I was like OOOoooo you’re going to teach me how to create that pretty hair all over your Instagram Page so my clients can have it?! I’m in! (In pure excitement, I may have also sent the ticket link to all my hairstylist friends…like OMG you guys tickets are on sale right now!! HURRY!! ~ everything is more fun, with friends!)

Then I learned that 3 weeks leading up to the 3 Day Certification Event, NBR start’s “Pre-Training” with daily hands on assignments to get you READY! I was like OMG, ummm okay! (which was quickly followed by that ‘shit just got real’ feeling when I actually started to try NBR and imagine installing it for someone. It wasn’t EASY to do like I assumed it would be)

When I flew to Huntington Beach, (remember the airport/dollhead/TSA moment) I knew I was in for some serious education but was for sure nervous about that top level of training I was in for!

BMSCON3 (aka: Big Money Stylist Convention #3 — thank the heavens they shortened it) literally blew my mind. The level of training was ON POINT and unlike any other education class, show or EVENT that I’ve ever been to. They’re training style works really well with my learning style and I felt like I had found my tribe!

(*side note to my stylists - I’d recommend checking out the podcast to see if you’re down with their kinda GaryVee vibe first. If that fits you - then get ready because BMSCON4 tickets go on sale really, really, really, REALLLLLYYY soon. You don’t want to miss their only event for New Certifications in 2019. Consider yourself told ahead of time! ~xo)

After Certification I decided to apply to be 1/250 Artists invited to be part of their NBR MasterMind. I chose to do this because I knew that this method WAS NOT EASY. (Neither was doing the work, applying and interviewing - but it has been SOOO valuable)

Remember I thought it was going to be easy to do NBR and then was like WHOA….it has a zillion tiny details that all have to be hit at 100% in order to get it right! I knew if I was going to offer it to you - I needed to bring you my A game!

All those little micro details - that’s the education I’m getting now. Weekly. I’m able to turn in photos of my beadwork, of my placement, of my stitching, my color blend, my cut, - styling - all of it. It get’s reviewed by the Lead Trainer and she gives me feedback - live. Wanna know what that sounds like?

"If you make this adjustment, then it will be a more comfortable experience for your client”

“Change this small tiny detail and your client will enjoy wearing them up in a pony even more.”

“This looks really good - and when it’s done like that, there is no damage to their hair”

That. That right there - that’s like learning the secret ingredients to your grandmothers family recipe.

It’s what brings it ALL together. It’s what changes it from ‘it’s okay’ to BAM - Grandma made her famous dish and it was ‘AMAZING’!

It’s important to me that I’m offering you my best, because I care about you and your hair! I’m so happy that my passion for education and my love for quality services have come together with you in mind! Thank you! I hope you can see how much you are loved! ~ Xo