I’m sure by now we all know that I LOVE education. The Beauty Industry is ever evolving as new styles and fashion trends pop up with every season. It’s FUN & SHINEY part of it! So that means if you are wanting to offer current styles, and stay on top of up upcoming trends - education is a must.

This doesn’t just apply to the Beauty Industry. This applies to ANYTHING in life.

Finding the education to learn something new is easy. But the DOING of the WORK to perfect what you just learned - that part is not so easy. That part requires constant dedication to seeing progress and allowing yourself to be NEW at something.

It’s the practicing over & over of that information/technique that gives you the results. That’s the NOT glamours part of Education - knowing that at first, you’re going to run into roadblocks and feel defeated. Repeatedly.

I don’t love to be NEW at things, I’m sure everyone can relate to that! The one where you feel like you’re trying something new and then BAM this overwhelming feeling: “I suck, I suck, I SUCK!”

Yeah - not awesome. BUT I had to tell myself, ‘you can’t say you love education, but then get frustrated when haven’t mastered it right away.’ (anyone else suffer from unrealistic expectations of yourself?!)

I am finding that I need to LOVE every part of the process- even the uncomfortable part of being NEW. (insert something warm and fuzzy here about it being the journey not the destination..)

So if you’re finding yourself feeling like it’s the last week of January and you still haven’t perfected your new habits or goals…IT’S OKAY. The first week of February is right around the corner and it calls for consistent effort. It’s okay to feel like you’re a baby giraffe learning how to walk for the fist time. At least you’re trying and you will get it!

What’s one thing that you want to be a pro at - but has got you feeling like a rookie?