You’ve probably noticed by now that there is a NBR Application that is required before your NBR Service.

Now some people LOVE that they have a designated spot to talk hair & goals and are all about the whole NBR Experience! Then there are also those that can’t figure out WHY they would need to fill out an application for their hair. Now not everyone who is opposed to filling out the application is a bad apple.

I like to think that this group just needs that WHY question answered for them. I am this way - I need to know the WHY behind things. Not because I’m a resister, just the opposite actually. Before I can jump all in and get on board with something I like to understand its purpose first - that way I can run with it at 100 miles a minute!

So here I am, a WHY person myself, sharing with you the reason behind the NBR application.

NBR APP image.png

The application is the foundation of your NBR Extension Experience. It is to help both you and I determine if you're a fit for Natural Beaded Rows. NBR is a method that the majority of people can benefit from. However - extensions, in general, aren’t for everyone. That’s what we’ve got to determine!

In the application you share your hair goals photo, your current hair pictures, if you’ve worn extensions before, what method, what was your experience, what are you looking for different with NBR, and your hair history.

Once you’ve completed the application, we’ll set up a phone consultation together and go over what you filled out and determine what it will take to turn your current hair into your #hairgoals. By the end of the phone consultation you’ll have secured your appointment time and be scheduled for NBR!


So thank you for your interest in Natural Beaded Rows and for filling out the NBR Application. I get excited when I see an application come in because I know that someone is about to have the hair they’ve always wanted. But most importantly they are about to FEEL the best they’ve felt about themselves.

I appreciate you valuing your NBR experience just as much as I do. I am thankful that you are dedicated to achieving your #hairgoals and that you recognize the NBR Application is Step 1 in getting there!

To check out the application: Click Here —> Rose Golde Beauty: NBR

Xo babes~