Video 5 is here! How To: Achieve a Smooth Flat Iron Finish for your NBR Hair Extensions 

If you’re on Video 5, then you know what you’re about to learn! Soooo…

Let’s go beyond the Heat Protectant and Styling Tools in this video, and talk about the reason I wanted to create a Video Series for my clients. 

I think it’s really important as your Extension Specialist - to show up for you! 

Maybe you just invested $1,500 - $2,200 into a luxury service, where we could talk about your top quality, voluntarily donated, less silicone, custom colored, hand tied hair extensions~ that blend with your fresh new lived in color and, installed with a minimal damage method. 

We could start talking about value there - but I think you already know that part by now. We’ve gone over it. 

We’re actually going to get outside of the In Salon Appointment and talk about when you’re at home and taking care of your extensions for the first time!

Incorporating ANYTHING into your lifestyle and routine can seem a little intimidating - so I wanted to eliminate that fear with education! 

That’s I decided to provided added value and create these At Home Care Videos, and it’s why you went home with all those products and tools!!

Not only do I want you to have an amazing In Salon Experience, I want you to feel REALLY confident taking care of your extensions and incorporating them into your every day life. 

My goal is to set you up for success with taking care of your extensions, so you can be obsessed with your transformation and that feeling radiates into all aspects of your life! 

I am proud to offer a 5 part video series alongside my NBR Extension Services, and I hope you enjoy the added value that comes when choosing Rose Golde.

I also share a lot of LIVE real time techniques and tricks on my blog and social media pages so make sure you’re staying current with me there!