I’m pretty excited because the 4th, How To Video is up and ready for you! 

I think it’s really important as your Stylist to set you up for success, not just at your appointment but most importantly when you’re at home on your own. After all - we spend more time apart then we do together.

Having extensions can often be a brand new experience for people, or some are OG extension wearers - but are new to the NBR method. So knowing how to incorporate them into your routine might be a little, well - NEW!

So, I thought I'd create 5 videos to explain - How To: Take Care of your NBR at Home, in order to set each of my guests up for an amazing NBR experience.

I want my clients to feel confident in knowing how to properly take care of their new hair!

I always send each new guest home with a printed list of instructions for at home care - “NBR 101”

But let’s be honest for a moment, a printed piece of paper often gets lost in the first 5 minutes OR get’s set aside with very good intentions of being “read later”…..amiright?!!

So, here is the 4th How To Video -  Blow Drying NBR Extensions.

Blow Drying hair isn't rocket science, but you're definitely going to need to know how to dry the base of your Rows to keep everything tangle free and smooth. 

PRO TIP: NEVER go to bed with WET EXTENSIONS - make sure they're dry and in a loose braid or ponytail before bed. 

  1. Dry your extensions before going to bed.

  2. Brush your hair before bed and braid it, or wear it in a ponytail.

  3. Don’t go to bed with your hair wet, OR loose and down, or you will get matting. (lol - yes i’m trying to scare you into proper at home care!! - hope it’s working)

I hope you are enjoying your NBR Extensions and loving incorporating these simple new habits into your haircare routine. 

I also share a lot of LIVE real time techniques and tricks on my Instagram and Facebook so make sure you’re staying current with me there! 

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xo babes ~ and I’ll see you in Video 5!