You know that feeling when all areas of your life get SHIFTED!?!

It can be to one side or another, it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to mean GOOD Shift/ BAD Shift. Just ‘THE SHIFT’ of change.

I’m there. Or…here. wherever it is - I’m in it!

It’s kinda like when you played that game as a kid where you put your forehead on the handle of a baseball bat and spun around really really fast while counting to 10 - only to get up completely disoriented, maybe stumbling or feeling completely nauseous before eventually starting to get your equilibrium back.

I remember as a kid feeling like it was a doozy when I was spinning around that baseball bat and hoping to make it to number 10 - - but as I look back, I always came out the other side of it laughing, happy and willing to do it all over again!!!

(Please tell me you played whatever game that was and you know what I’m talking about. - - gotta go way back to the Recess days!)

IDK -that’s the best example that I can come up with to share how things are going these past few weeks! lol

I think life is currently giving me a spin and I’m along for the ride, in hopes that it also ends with a lot of laughter and excitedly saying, “I’d do that again!”

I’m just going with it, saying YES to things that come across my path and letting life take me on a spin cycle!

Once I’m done spinning around and I’m no longer dizzy from all that’s going on - and I’m a little more settled in….You know I’ll find the time to tell you EVERYTHING!

For the moment I’m asking for some grace in my response times to: emails, texts, DMs, messages, and calls - I will get back to you! I pinky promise.

I also want to go on record saying that I’m going to be giving myself permission to take moments of rest in a time where things are moving, shifting and changing!

I see another weekend with my phone on Airplane mode coming up real soon! Sometimes it’s good to slow down the things you can control and let life take the reigns on the rest!