So…………the more I really zone into my craft and specialize in Hair Extensions - I’m realizing that it also comes with special “at home care” for my clients.

I have a printed list of NBR Extensions 101 with the Do’s and Don’ts of taking care of your hair but I KNOW that a printed list of rules to take home and read isn’t the top on your list. I mean, audio books are popular for a reason…no one has the time to STOP and read - so we listen.

So I thought it would be good to create 5 videos to explain - How To: Take Care of your NBR at Home, in order to set each of my guests up for an amazing NBR experience.

So, Here is the 2nd How To Video - Washing your NBR Extensions.

It's important to feel confidant washing your hair because a clean scalp is a healthy scalp, and your hair's health depends on it! The health of your hair is my #1 priority when we talk about products, routines, COLOR, and NBR, I want you to know I’ve got your best intentions at heart!

Some hair types need to be washed 2-3 times a week, while others can wash once a week. I want you to feel confident incorporating NBR into your washing routine!

I hope you enjoy the video series and and that you feel set up for success ~ so you can enjoy this “low maintenance” thing I’m always talking about!!

If you want to come to the Reno|Tahoe area for NBR Extensions, I'd like to invite you to complete the NBR Application and share with me your hair history HERE then I'll reach out and we can schedule a Phone Consultation to talk more about customizing NBR for you!