I’m actually REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED about this video and this post.

After guests come into the salon for NBR Extensions I like them to feel confident in how to properly take care of their new hair. But, a printed list of rules to take home doesn't always seem to be 'super fun to read' so I thought I'd create 5 videos to explain - How To: Take Care of your NBR at Home, in order to set each of my guests up for an amazing NBR experience.

This is the 1st of the 5 video series on How to take care of your NBR Hair Extensions.

The first topic for discussion is how to properly brush your NBR Extensions.

Now I know that this can seem likes it’s SUPER easy. But with your new hair, comes new techniques you need to adopt in your routine. I know brushing seems simple, BUT it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be doing a couple times a day is brushing over your rows and extension wefts! 

II want you to have an amazing experience not only in the salon but I want you to feel confident taking care of your Natural Beaded Rows at home.

Enjoy this video and take care of your new hair investment!

…and as promised here are the links to my favorite detangling brushes!




Let me know which brushing tips were an “ah-ha” moment for you in the comments, I’d love to know which ones resonated the most with you!

Xo babes!