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So I made a couple of adjustments to my service menu and I’m so happy about it you don’t even know. The best part is, I created it with you in mind, to keep it simple and user friendly. Especially with online booking! Which was a feature I was blaming a lot of my problem on and at one point considered abandoning. 

Previously, I was offering an A La Carte Service Menu - with like a plethora of add on items.

Let me share with you HOW that menu system was ACTUALLY working out in real life.

When I was originally creating my menu I went online for inspo and looked at stylists’ menus for verbiage + layout. I thought it made most sense to offer a A La Carte menu. As a fresh newbie stylist and first time business owner - it was easy for me because it broke down and itemized all the techniques we use as stylists, to create your custom color:  Balayage or Babylights, Teasylights, Foiliage, the list goes on.

But with a little more season on my part I’ve come to learn todays #hairspo pictures are not that cut and dry to recreate. Lived In Color is so beautiful, seamless and timeless because it’s really a combination of like 5 techniques, and then you start the conversation of toning, glazing, smudging, rooting, lowlight, additional color, additional bowl, olaplex, blah blah blah hairstylist jargon —- plus a haircut.

When all you wanted was to sit down, relax, and have your hair goals magically appear on your head (you don’t really care how - besides make it pretty and keep it healthy) so you can get up and walk out feeling hot AF with a new confidence in yourself that makes you pretty sure you could conquer just about anything you damn well please. #girlpower

Then as we’d finish your appointment, I’d total all 12 A La Carte items up so they = 1 simple total package price. 

[which is how I got to the new package pricing - added up all my current a la carte items that it takes to create that effortless looking, but super technical lived in color...included a haircut (yes, you need one every time) - and put the total sticker right on the front!]

Almost too easy. Like it was right in front of my face the whole time!

Now let’s keep the celebration going!!

Now when you’re in Vagaro booking online - no more wondering ‘what exact 12 a la carte services do I need for my hair color appointment this time?’

You weren’t alone trying to navigate through it, I started to recognize a pattern in my clients DM’s not knowing all the al la carte add ons to book for their appointment because the combinations for all the a la carte options - were endless.

Which is crazy that I almost jumped ship on offering online booking thinking it was making things complicated. Because I actually LOVE how convenient it is for you. It’s 2019 and if you can pre order your Starbucks drink through an app, you sure as hell better be able to schedule a hair appointment from the comfort of your couch.  I hear ya sister! 

Sometimes old ideas don’t work forever- and I’m not too proud to say that I had created a system that wasn’t operating at 100%. So I’ve worked really hard to simply it for both of us and ELIMINATE all of the hassle and let us keep the focus on creating beautiful healthy hair.

I couldn’t be happier to say that I now offer a simple Package Menu:

  • Lived In Color + Haircut: Partial Service &  Full Service 

  • Keratin Complex and Olaplex Treatments. 

  • Natural Beaded Rows [NBR} Hair Extensions

I have been focusing all my energy in these techniques and in becoming the best artist I can be. Like, laser focus. I love to create, and am passionately focusing my craft on seamless lived in color with the volume, density and length that NBR realities are made of.

I’ve been dedicating my education to specializing in these services and I am SO thankful that the hair I love to nerd out about, is the hair you always show me as your #inspo pics.

If you are currently in my books under a la carte services - we are going to keep your up coming service scheduled the way it is, and then we’ll rebook under the package menu moving forward!

I am so thankful for you and I want every time you visit the salon to be an experience that reminds you how confidant, beautiful and capable you are!

You can check out the Package Menu for for more information on each service and then visit Vagaro to EASILY schedule online.

Or complete the NBR Application to set up your phone consultation to experience Natural Beaded Rows.

~xo babes