I just learned a life lesson and I’m pretty sure it came from looking a hair pictures all day! None the less - I’m sharing it with you because I think it has value!

You know when you get fixated on something and it becomes what you WANT SO BAD!?

Like we have this picture, literally in our hand AND burned into our mind. We see this girl with THE PERFECT blonde hair and she’s a total effin’ babe, and not only do we like her hair, but her outfit, and her shoes, and why is she so fit, and can’t we just be casually strolling somewhere tropical with a drink in our hand too?!?!

Right?! Our brain can whip that up in about 30 seconds - and boom! We NEED that hair.

PAUSE - right here is where my perspective as a hairstylist - taught me a life metaphor.

We get fixated on the wrong thing.

What works over there - often times - doesn’t work over here.

Here is what I want you to know:

We have to take ‘what yo mamma gave ya’ - and use it to your advantage. In life & in hair. Fixate on that. Play to your strengths.

Instead of trying to fit yourself into some other mold - create your own mold. Don’t be pretty like her. Be pretty like you. In life & in hair.

Often times during a consultation I find myself asking to look at that same picture again - and asking my guest to share with me the VIBE or the FEELING that they see. Is it that she has bright blonde hair and a summer glow? Do you see her smiling and carefree and want a look that is a little playful and lived in?

Here is where we find what you ACTUALLY want. Here is where we customize it to work with you, not against you.

[ Side Note* this is why, in my opinion, my previous A la Carte Menu was a broken system! It took the focus off of YOU and it put it on each individual itemized service. I’m happy to say that by offering a Package Menu - YOU and your EXPERIENCE are now the focal point]

We know that the #hairspo picture looks so good on that girl because they are playing to her strengths. So in order to get you to that same place where you are creating your own #hairgoals - we must play to YOUR strengths. It’s where the magic lives!

I don’t want us as women to get caught up in ‘I want to look like this picture’, but rather focus on the things that we find beautiful in ourselves already - and enhancing those to reflect a confidence from within. 

I am passionate about this. It’s more than hair&makeup.  It’s beauty - and beauty is individual and beauty comes from within. 

I’d love to invite you to sit in my chair for your own hair experience. I am currently accepting appointments for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. New guests are asked to fill out the NBR Application and share a little about their hair history!

I heart you babes~ xo