Hey babe! I wanted to share with you something I read!

I really loved this post from DKW Styling Salon, home salon for the NBR Extensions method, and I hope it answers some questions and sparks your interest about them! This method of extensions is lightweight, comfortable, and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. For real -  check out the before&after pictures of these extensions! Reaaallllyyyyyy look to see if you can find the extensions in there! 

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions done by DKW Styling Salon

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions done by DKW Styling Salon

See.That.Blend. Sooo beautiful! The braider in me wants to style that all long hair into a messy side twist wrapped down into a fishtail braid with a cute hair accessory! Oh.Em.Gee! 

Getting certified in November 2018 and being able to offer this service to my guests cannot come soon enough!!  Until then, I'm just going to be over here geeking out & asking everyone I see if they've heard of NBR!  Check out this post and get excited with me about Natural Beaded Rows Extensions and how this method is giving confidence and making those who experience them feel like their best self! 

Have you heard of NBR Extensions yet?! I want to know what you think about them! 

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