I have LOVED getting emails and messages asking about the Natural Beaded Rows Extensions that is being added to the Service Menu. *Now Booking Consultations for November 2018* Click HERE to apply now for NBR!  I am so happy to see you getting just as excited as I am about NBR! ~PERFECT HAIR FOR EVERYONE!~

I'm seeing similar questions about the method and wanted to highlight the reasons why I am GIDDY EXCITED about offering this extension method to my guests. 


Natural Beaded Rows or NBR, use less points of contact and a unique system in comparison to other methods. This makes them more comfortable, less damaging, and easier to blend with your natural hair.  Danielle K. White created this method to hide her extensions better, to ensure they won't slip out, and have the most comfortable light weight extensions on the market. Yes, you can have comfortable extensions that look like natural hair! It's a real thing! 


Because this extensions method doesn't use glue or tape to adhere the extensions to your natural hair, taking them out and removing them isn't a sticky and painful mess that causes damage to your natural hair. Tape & Glue are awesome inventions, but let’s’ not put them in our hair! Removing Tape & Glue extensions methods feels like flashbacks of having your mom try to get gum out of your hair as a kid. Not awesome. NBR Extensions can be removed in 15 minutes or less an you can’t feel a thing! If you've worn other methods - you know that's unheard of! 


NBR uses Bohyme Luxe quality hair. The Luxe collection uses 100% ethically sourced remy human hair that is from a single donor. This to me is the best part of Bohyme Luxe - is that their packages of hair are from a single donor. This means No Greys, Not Previously Chemically Treated, and No Split Ends in the extensions AND ensures an even color and texture! When the extensions are custom colored to match your hair, Bohyme Luxe hair processes evenly for a perfect match and blend.


So we've talked about the quality of the hair and how it has to be Bohyme Luxe, especially since we will be coloring the extensions. (Remember how having single donor hair allows the color to processes evenly.) This is because each time you come in for your NBR appointment both your hair and your extensions will be colored or refreshed. Because they are both colored each time -- the extensions blend SO well! 

Check out these beautiful Natural Beaded Rows Extensions Before | After photos done by the artists at DKW Styling Salon to see some serious #hairgoals What do you think about extensions? Have you heard of NBR Extensions before? I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

xo babes~