Babes - I’m here to share with you a little more about Natural Beaded Row Extensions. If you aren’t familiar with NBR - take a hot second and check out this extensions method from the creator Danielle.

Alright - Now that we’re all on the same page with how freaking amazing these transformations are ~ I want to tell you why I am choosing to go ALL IN with NBR and offer it as my ONLY extension method.

  • Client Hair Health: You hear me talk about this ALL.THE.TIME! I choose to only offer treatments, services and methods that keep the integrity of YOUR HAIR - my NUMBER ONE concern. ——— Here is how NBR helps me keep that promise to you: there are minimal points of contact (using a bead) with your natural hair that means less stress on your hair and hair follicle. The weight of the extension wefts is on the string, anchored by the bead. There is no glue or adhesive. Which is my MOST FAVORITE THING. Side Bonus - it takes 15 minutes to take them out.

  • The Blend: At each appointment both your hair and your extensions are custom colored or refreshed. This ensure a perfect blend. Your color formula is now the same color formula on your extensions. It’s really genius. Also the Placement of the row & wefts moves in the same direction WITH your natural hair. This combined with custom slide cutting to blend the extensions is why they are nearly undetectable!

  • Training: Here is the kicker for me personally, as a hair artist… Not everyone gets into their program. I had to apply to take their education - and then that application had to be approved which allowed me to purchase the Training Course. THEN there’s 3 weeks of MANDATORY pre training BEFORE I get to go for a 3 day hands on convention. This is just to be Level 1 Certified. I think it’s safe to say - they aren’t messing around with their technique, their education, and who they allow to represent their brand.

I also am becoming a fan of how they protect their education. This is not something any hair artist can youtube or ask a friend and learn the method in 1 day. I’m learning that this is to protect YOU, the client, from having a bad experience with these extensions., It eliminates that risk for you. So make sure if it’s a service you’re looking into - you SEE your artist’s certification. (Which you can find PROUDLY displayed next to my station.)

  • And Lastly - MORE TRAINING: AFTER the 3 Day Certification Convention in Huntington Beach - is when their continued education kicks in. There are 3 levels of certification - each getting more technical and advanced along the way while really diving into small business ownership and being a creative entrepreneur.

It’s more than just hair extensions - it’s a feeling that is created when we look at ourselves and discover our confidence, and we use that confidence to pursue our goals! Which is the fire we are all looking for right?! That is something I want to give to each person who chooses to experience Natural Beaded Row Extensions with me. Let’s light that fire in you!

Feel the fire of NBR and click HERE to apply for the Natural Beaded Rows Experience!

xo babes~