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Client Booking though a Phone Consultation


Client Booking though a Phone Consultation

At first, having potential clients complete a ‘application’ / ‘hair history form’ / ‘hair questionnaire’ and schedule a ‘phone consultation’ - - seemed UNHEARD OF. Honestly there wasn’t anyone I personally knew in the Beauty Industry doing anything like that. It was completely new to me. So I know it has to be completely new to you too!

There is no denying that Social Media has changed the Beauty Industry, and with that, the way we communicate to you and how you communicate to us. It’s been amazing on so many levels, but here is one thing that has become a current standard I see with booking via social media.

Messages + DM

This is a place where things can quickly become a back and forth of hair questions, photos, screenshots, pricing, length of appointment, and then, the real hard part - going back and forth about appointment times. I’m telling you what- that ends up taking so much TIME and it’s always at random hours of the day…NEVER are we DMing people during standard business hours. (like really, why is it always at the most random times?!!)

Say goodbye to that overwhelm and hello to an elevated customer experience! It has been AMAZING to implement the Extensions Questionnaire + Phone Consultation for both myself as a solopreneur and for YOU as a prospective client wanting a great booking experience . It feels good to have the opportunity to talk to your Stylist and hear their voice especially when you know you have a personalized game plan to achieve your #hairgoals.

The NBR Application, which I talk about in great detail HERE and why it’s so important - has been a GAME CHANGER for both of us because it allows us to move into a highly productive phone conversation.

Which is CELEBRATION for both of us! So that ‘application’ / ‘hair history form’ / ‘hair questionnaire’ & ‘phone consultation’ … is now one of my FAVORITE things about my client experience.

The information you provide is framework for your Phone Consultation. Which is where we get to have a scheduled 1:1 conversation and hear each others voices while we work together to create plans for your dream hair, have ALL your questions are answered, discuss your new install estimate, give a quote on maintenance + pricing, talk about the longevity of extension hair, and if you’re a good fit for NBR and Rose Golde Beauty - then we will talk about available appointments!

It’s luxurious and there is really no going back! I am SO happy that I get to offer that experience to you! It’s ahead of the curve, cutting edge and it’s focus is YOU, and sometimes doing something that’s out of the norm - is a reallllly good thing!

I hope you are always choosing businesses who are offering you new + innovative perspectives to streamline and elevate your customer experience!

xo babes~