My goal is always to show women how beautiful they are and to remind them of their inner confidence and power so they can go out and kick ass bringing their passions to life.

I choose to do this through the art of Lived in Color and NBR Extensions. I’m passionate about the mastering skillsets in these, and delivering an amazing experience. I’m even more passionate about women being on FIRE with purpose. A woman’s hair appointment (or nails, lashes, waxing, facials, spa day —- pick yours ) is technically a CONFIDENCE Appointment - it’s about the FEELING afterwards.

The extra pep in your step. That little BOOST you get when you leave. I know that YOU KNOW the EXACT feeling I’m talking about.

So many things are coming up in the world today about Women - rights, movements, powers - you name it…it’s being talked about on a very MACRO level.

I’ve realized my part in this is smaller, it’s on the micro level. It’s about showing an individual woman that she can have the confidence she needs to THEN go and tackle whatever is important to her.

I’m in it for the confidence of women, the feeling we get after one little appointment that reminds us we are capable of BIG shit!

I feel like when I’m scrolling online - I see all of these quotes. I know you see them too about women and empowerment and I SEE things. But I want to WITNESS more women lifting each other up in my actual day to day life. What do you do personally to lift up your fellow woman?

I want to be held accountable of this in my own life and my own passion for purpose. Let’s be women of ACTION that do what we say. Let’s not just talk about it.. Let’s DO things that lift up ourselves so we may lift up other women in return.

So when you come in for your guest experience and hair transformation with NBR, I want to know what your passions are. Share with me what you are DOING to encourage and empower the women around you - whether it be in a MACRO or mirco way.

Don’t forget we’re in this together babes! ~xo