Today feels like Christmas! Because it’s SHIPPING DAY! You know when you order something and then you CANNOT wait until you get the email that says: Order Shipped. That’s where I’m currently at!!

Over here just checking every email alert that comes through hoping it says, your Isla Hand Tied Hair Order has been shipped!

Danielle, creator of the Natural Beaded Row method has been using different Hand Tied Hair lines for 18 years. Now hat’s alotta years to be working with a product and learning what’s good and what isn’t. Taking this experience and knowledge she created her own hand tied hair line SPECIFICALLY for the NBR Extension Method. I feel like a church choir should start singing right now!

If you need a quick recap of what exactly Hand Tied Hair is, and why it’s THE BEST hop over and read this post real quick so you’re up to speed!

Before now, extensions always looked, well - like extensions. It was pretty obvious.

For one or more of the following reasons:

  • The Blend — Natural Hair Color + Extension Color = Didn’t Match

  • Silicone — Extension hair was super shiny and fake looking

  • The Cut — was more of a weird mullet. Real hair in the front, fake hair in the back….

  • The Method —You could literally see their adhesive tabs and bonds/beads attached to their head.

Danielle recognized these issues and created the NBR method with no glue/adhesive, no heat, no tabs no bonds AND minimal points of contact for a less damaging extension method. Cue that choir again will ya?!!

She then began to custom color the hand tied hair which as you know from your own personal sightings around town, was NOT the norm for extensions. BOOM her clients didn’t have issues with the color blend anymore! Check that one off the list.

Because Hand Tied Hair is on a weft & super lightweight, and the NBR track carries the weight of the extensions - you can put MORE hair in than you can with other methods…and because there is more hair - you have material to work with to cut away and shape the extensions to blend perfectly with the natural hair. We can cross off Mullet Extension Cut off the list now.

Lastly, and the most unpredictable variable - which Hand Tied Hair Brand to use, and which will be best to custom color, how is it processed… (This is a hot topic right now in the Hand Tied Hair Extension world)

Here are the things I personally look for in Hand Tied Hair Lines.

100% Remi Human Hair

Ethically Sourced

Voluntarily Donated

Cuticle In Tact

Low Amounts of Chemical Processing

Little to No Silicone

* To eliminate that weird fake hair shine, to not be a color barrier when custom coloring the extensions, and to NOT look and feel like fake hair that gets matted and tangly.

I made it a personal mission to NEVER negotiate on the top 3, but I always had to find a way around the other 3 - special washes and baths - lengthily PRE coloring processes.

The new Isla Hand Tied Hairline meets ALL of my requirements and even surpasses them by offering 12 TRUE TO TONE amazing blended colors! ! I feel like I am now able to offer the highest quality PRODUCT designed to work hand in hand with the highest quality METHOD. #praisehands

Danielle is only releasing her hairline within her own salon DKW Styling and to the students within her NBR Mastermind program! I am BEYOND happy that I am able to offer this luxury service AND this luxury hairline to the guests that sit in my chair.

It’s my goal to provide you with an amazing quality experience so that when you leave you LOOK BEAUTIFUL and FEEL CONFIDENT!

I’m going to keep checking for my tracking number, you share with me your hair goals in the NBR Application and we can start creating your custom NBR Experience with Isla Hand Tied Hair!

Xo Babes~