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Product Review on 5 Makeup Empties

Hey Babes!

I hear you loud and clear when you ask me about products. What foundation is good for my skin type? Which Dry Shampoo works the best? When should I use certain products in my skincare routine?

I am so happy to get these questions, and I really love when I can recommend something that becomes your new favorite. (I extra love it when you share with me your favorite products - we’re all in this together!)

You inspire me to continue to find products that work, products that don’t and products that are worth the price.

I also try really hard to use ALL the product before I form my opinion! Sometimes it takes more than 1-2 times using something to actually know how the product works. So I did just that and I want to share these 5 Makeup Empties - Product Review with you!

In this makeup product review, I share with you 5 makeup empties that I've tested and let you know what rating I give each, and if I would repurchase it again!

I need to know! Have you tried any of these products? What products are you wanting to try?! I'd love to hear!

Keep throwing your beauty product questions at me - and I’ll keep testing product for you and letting you know my review!

xo babes~