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Your ONLY job @ your Hair Appointment

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I’m subscribed to several different magazine publications (before you think, man this chick subscribes to a lot of things) I get magazines monthly to have in the salon! I like offering a variety of magazines from Travel to Wellness, Architecture and Beauty and of course I have to throw in some Style & Decor.

I like to have options displayed for you to choose from, so you can set your phone down and fully unplug at your appointment. It’s really easy to spend an entire hair appointment sucked into the mindless scroll, which is a slippery slope the can lead into the negative comparison game. Let’s break that cycle.

This is time for YOU. It’s the time to fill your cup [both literally - “would you like red or white wine during your appointment today” and physically restoring yourself with a little R&R]

There is something about a magazine in print that when you’re holding in your hands, feeling the paper, maybe finding a sample perfume packet tucked into the spine, and - reading about things that have NOTHING to do with people you know on Facebook — you disconnect and get lost in imagination!

I found myself reading this quick article from Domino because I just HAD to know what the Unofficial Oolor of Summer ‘19 was going to be - - and then doing a mini living room makeover in my mind. Like - I’m pretty certain that I NEED THAT RUG. Don’t you think?!!

My goal when you come in for your appointment is that you take a break, relax, read a magazine, enjoy a refreshment, have a snack and unplug for a moment. You need to recharge sister. When your appointment is over I promise you will LOOK beautiful and FEEL emotionally refreshed and with both of those in your favor you can’t help but feel confident and like a whole new woman!

When you sit in my chair you’re not there ‘just to get your hair touched up’ the goal of your appointment is to show you a physical transformation that is an outward reflection of your strength, your intelligence and your beauty!

This is how I want to help you on your Self Care Journey! Remember, we’re in this together! xo babes~

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